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The Neo-Soul Educator

Ebonique Brooks is the Program Director of Jacksonville Arts and Music School (JAMS), an arts education advocate, and vocal instructor. With 6+ years of experience spanning instructional leadership, coaching, administration, and artistry; Ebonique strives to eliminate the limited view of traditional styles of teaching and promote equity for all students.



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Ebonique's journey in music education has been shaped by the mentorship of exceptional musicians and music educators in the vibrant city of Jacksonville. Renowned instructors like Deborah McDuffie, Shawn Pendry, and Jeremy McKinnies have played a pivotal role in her musical development. Inspired by their guidance and support, Ebonique has embraced her unique experiences as a vocalist and teacher, channeling them to nurture and empower young, aspiring singers, just as her mentors did for her.
Presently, Ebonique holds the position of vocal instructor at the esteemed Jacksonville Arts and Music School. In this role, she imparts her extensive knowledge and expertise to eager students, guiding them on their vocal journeys. Additionally, Ebonique offers private vocal and performance coaching, providing personalized instruction and mentorship to individuals seeking to refine their skills and unlock their full potential.
With a genuine passion for both music and teaching, Ebonique is dedicated to fostering the growth and artistic development of her students. Through her unwavering commitment and nurturing approach, she strives to inspire confidence and cultivate excellence in every aspiring singer she guides.

Meet Ebonique Brooks, a passionate advocate for education and the arts. With a background as a dedicated Math Teacher and a Teach For America alum, she has skillfully combined her love for music and the arts with her teaching expertise. Currently, Ebonique holds a significant role at the esteemed Jacksonville Arts in Music School (JAMS) in sunny Jacksonville, Florida.
Ebonique's innovative approach to education is evident through her creation of dynamic learning initiatives like "Raise A Letter, Get Better." These initiatives aim to foster academic growth and success among students. Additionally, she proudly serves as the Director of the captivating What A Leader Competition, igniting the spirit of leadership within young minds.
Every day, Ebonique is committed to revitalizing students' thirst for knowledge by harnessing the transformative power of the arts. Through her unwavering dedication and inspired teaching methods, she endeavors to empower students and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

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